Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Jury Is Still Out

I've got some blocking to do and soon the baby blanket will be done and will need some blocking too.  I've been blocking on my dining room table padded with batting and a couple of muslin pieces.  I've been tossing around for some time on buying those blocking puzzle pieces from Knit Picks, but they are like 12 x 12 or something like that for $20.

Since I am such a Ravelry fan, I went over there and searched on blocking boards and then finally posted on the Folk Shawls board.  There were some great ideas all over Ravelry.  I finally settled on these from Harbor Freight for $9.99.  The Tall Guy loves that place and so he bopped over there on his lunch and picked me up two sets.

 I'm not sure I'm keeping the second set.  What's the problem?  They stink.  I am not sure I want to put my soon to be finished baby blanket on it to block.  I don't want it to pick the smell up of these.  Maybe if I let them sit out for a couple of days, the smell will go away.  Or maybe, I'll do a test block on it first and see.

 I do have my gridded muslin piece that I can throw over it to see how that does. 

I may have to go shopping at Sam's and see if their's have a smell to them. Better yet, I think I'll head over to Ravelry and ask the question of the knitter who told me about the ones at Harbor Freight.

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Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

I bought the Knit Picks ones. I didn't do mu research like you I just went for it. I love them. I think TFU has them in stock if you want to check them our in person. That is where I got mine.