Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really Like This One

I 've been eyeballing this book for sometime. Finally, while picking up a couple of extra skeins of yarn for the baby blanket, I decided to buy it. Coastal Knits has some nice sweaters in it. Some top down, some bottom up, some in the round, some that will have to be put together.
I'm actually reading it. Alana and Hannah have not only designed some really cool sweaters, but have given the readers a little tour of places on both coasts that should I ever make it either way, would be great side trips to take. The photographs and their descriptions of the places really wet my appetite for traveling there.  One can dream.

I've been a fan of Hannah's for sometime, from Ravelry and read Alana's Never Not Knitting Blog whenever she posts.  I'm so pleased I picked up the book for my library and have high hopes of knitting a couple later this Fall, after some baby knitting.  Maybe, I'll even buy yarn specified in the pattern, wouldn't that be fun! 

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