Thursday, June 14, 2012

Button Button Button

Whose got the button?  Well, apparently, the answer to this old childhood game would be me.
Yesterday, on my mental health day, I finished the afternoon up with a button show out at Knit 4 Together.  Ann Pastucha who makes some of the coolest polymer buttons had her collection there for sale.

I've used her buttons before on my Seedling Jacket, so I knew she had some pretty cool buttons, so I was quite pleased with my finds.

 This one looks better than the picture would show.  My Briar Rose Wistful yarn is going to be a sweater during the Ravelympics late in July.  Generally, I have to go looking for buttons after the sweater is done, now I won't have to.

These two really are just for the stash button collection, yes I have one.  So many sweaters right now have just one big button at the top, so I'm getting ahead of the curve of possible future sweaters.

 And the best find of the day, were these for my Long Collared Coat.  They are going to be perfect with yet another Briar Rose yarn, this one called Abundance.  The button hole is a tab I-cord button hole, my first ever.  I might have to scale down the hole itself, but this button is going to be so cool for this coat!
If you need info on Ann, she can be reached at

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