Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Search

We had a great discussion tonight at Knit Nite about knitting.  Go figure!

The jist of it is once again, to knit what you want to.  Too many times, I am lead astray by what others are knitting or the lure of a designer.  Which leads me to going around in circles on my knitting and wandering around Ravelry way too much.  Then casting on and putting things aside.

You have heard this all before here.  My friend Norma reminded of this same revelation I have had before.  Sometimes, you just need a little reminder from a good friend. 

My search for now is to find a pattern that is similar to a Laura Ashley ready to wear sweater that I have worn to death and I am much afraid that it has seen the last of when it can be worn to work.  I really want to knit at least one on the order of it.

A couple of contenders are Jess from Kim Hargreaves and the Summer Solstice Sweater.  I like both of those patterns and I WANT to knit them.

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