Sunday, June 03, 2012

Prep and Cleaning

The Yarn Room needed a little pick up.  Seems like lately, a lot of things have just been sat in there.  Sometimes picking up is a bad thing.  Yarns are found, which in turn creates projects that want to be started, which creates more works in progress.  It's a vicious circle, I really am trying to break this Summer.

This little stash is the baby projects that need to be completed in the next month.  Along with some projects that I "would" like to have done for Knit Camp in five weeks.  Those are not posted here, but believe me they take up a little more space than these do.

From this picture, one would deduce that I am getting ready to go somewhere.  And one would be correct.  This is the grandma-to-be rendition of getting ready for baby.  I know that when I get the call, I will not have my wits about me, so I am getting prepared to travel in a hurry.  I know I've got a month, but I don't do well with living on the fly.

Camera bag with "good" camera, little webbie cam, assorted battery chargers and IPad camera transfer - Check.
Extra yarn bag with yarn of projects I am currently knitting on that I would not want to be without for an extended period of time - Check.
Bag with spare undies, nightie.  Check.  There is still more to go in this bag, but it requires a few things yet.
Oh yes, and the real knitting bag is still to be packed with the current projects.  But, that is a pretty easy one to grab and go with.

I think I'm ready now....lets sit back and wait.

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