Friday, June 01, 2012

Dancin With Joy

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  This is the lot of yarn that I only bought two of from Knit 4 Together earlier this Spring.  At the time, I thought 2 would be plenty, cause I figured I do some sort of shawl out of it. 

Then, I realized 2 was too many for a shawl.  So I sat out trying to figure what I could knit with two skeins.  It seems that there isn't much out there.  I either need one skein or three to four skeins.

I checked on Ravelry and even sent a couple of emails to shops to see if they had the same dye response.  Last weekend, when I decided I needed to order a couple of skeins of lilac and brown to finish the baby blanket, I figured I go out on a limb and order two skeins of the same color and take my chances that it "might" be the same dye lot.  It's happened before with Cascade yarns.  Worst case scenario, I would knit with one skein of one lot then knit with a skein from the other dye lot.

Guess what happened?  Jack Pot!!  Look what came from Jimmy Beans Wool.  Two of the same dye lot of what I had.  Now, I have four skeins to work with and I have a couple of sweaters in mind for it!

And look what was in my box from Jimmy Bean....doesn't take much to make me dance!

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