Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mad at Myself

Or why did I wait so long to decide to finish a project?  Or you know you have too much yarn, when you can't find another skein that you are sure you have!

I got a wild hair a couple of weeks ago to finish my Long Collared Coat for Show and Tell for Camp.  Little did I know that 2200 yards of yarn that I bought over a year ago wouldn't be enough!!  So, now, I am scrambling for more.  Even though I keep thinking I surely didn't use it all already.  There must be another skein hiding somewhere in the Yarn Room.

Problem is, it is a 750 yard skein, so it can't be hiding too far.  I emailed Chris over at Briar Rose to see if she had some, we will wait and see if I really need it.  Well, no, I am not real sure that I will, I just have this sinking feeling that these sleeves are going to take more than I have. 

I may have to see about doing a super wide cuff out of the Alpaca With A Twist if more yarn doesn't pan out.

Needless to say, I'm bumbed tonight.  But it is a learning lesson as a friend once said.  I just wish someone else was learning it.

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