Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's a gorgeous day in Central Illinois.  I took the day off because I have an appointment around noonish and two other fun things that I wanted to do this afternoon.  And quite frankly, I needed/wanted a day or at least a morning to myself.

I slept in late (of course cause I stayed up late and because I could).  In awhile I am going to go for a 20 minute walk/run.  Today, is also the start of my Weight Watchers Week, and so as always I am regrouping with that, the exercise plan and the knitting plan.  I had a moment this morning when I told myself if you are knitting, you are not eating!!! 

Last night in the wee hours, while on Ravelry, I stumbled across two fave knitters (read that as I am stalking their projects), and without boring you to death, I was off on a tangent with one of them, thinking how I could duplicate what they were knitting.  Out came the Pure and Simple patterns and the wheels were a turning, the yarns were tossed around, my brain was going no where real fast. 

After spinning for about an hour, reality sat in...and of course my ever list making...digression here as EZ would say -- I still worry what my family will say if when I am gone about all of the lists, think of them as a journal, kids or perhaps I should get rid of them before that happens  YEARS from now!

Back to the list making.  First I figured out how many days were left until the baby is due (23),  Then, I figured out how many days were left until I absolutely had to have sweaters for Knit Camp with Meg Swansen blocked and dried (28).  Next, I made a list in order of what I need/wanted to have done by each of those dates.  To the nitty gritty - I gave myself deadlines for each of them.

Luckily, the baby stuff that I need/want to have done is minor.  Since it is a July baby, what I am really knitting on - the Brooklyn Tweed Baby Blanket, Saartje's booties and Baby Surplice Jacket really don't need to be done until later this Summer and they can go to camp with me.  I just need to add ties to the Kimono sweater which could be done in the time it takes me to post on the blog if I'd just do it.

The others for camp are my major knitting projects - the kelly green Sublime KPS pattern, the Long Collared Coat (I'll tell you all about that tomorrow), the Bias Sweater sewn together and ICord added, the Liberty Wool shawl, possible camp contest project and getting my Cusco jacket on smaller needles made the list all the way up to lift off for camp practically.

Sheesh, with all this thinking, one might have been better to just work today!!  It could be said, than when I am working, I am not knitting, but for today, I am going to enjoy this great weather and the day off from work!

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