Friday, June 22, 2012

Do You Think I Have A Problem?

I see a trend here.  

Like my knitting, after seeing these all together, I think I had better start using one of these until it looks so ratty that I am forced to move to the next one.

For the archives -

Far left: A JCPenney purchase of two years ago.  I liked it so much that I bought it in a metallic one as well.  My cohorts in crime (Kristy and Barb) also bought it in purple and pink.  Friend Betty bought it in a metallic as well.

Center Front: My first Namaste bag purchased maybe three years ago.  I bought it because I wanted to be able to carry my knitting in one side of it.  In the beginning, I wasn't too crazy about it.  It kep slipping off my shoulder and felt just way too big.  It went to the closet for a period of time out, where it came back last winter.  I found I liked the big ness of it.  I could put a small project in it and files to bring home from work.  It cut down on the amount of bags I had to carry in and out of work.  When Spring came, I put it into the closet in favor of one of my many Vera Bradley Bowler bags.  Namaste #1 will come out again in the Fall.

Center Back:  Namaste #2 purchased two years ago at Stitches Midwest.  I bought it on a whim on they way out of the Thursday night market.  I hadn't bought anything all night long and felt that I "needed" it.  This one never quite lived up to my expectations yet.  It's heavy.  I tried carrying for work, but it just seemed big and awkward.  I may try it again, but not anytime soon....I even tried to sell it on Ravelry.

Far right:  The newest purchase bought sight unseen after seeing it advertised and blogged about all over the place.  My Jordana Paige.  I kind of sort of like this one.  But it is not an every day bag for me.  It would be great when I go somewhere that I don't want to haul purse and knitting, like long days at hospitals visit or one day trip.  When I pack it with everything I like to take, it's a little heavy.  The strap that comes over was a little awkward for me when shopping.  But, I have not totally given up on this one, because like Namaste #1, it may take me just a bit to get used to it.

If you can' derive from the pics and the rambling, I am always searching for the perfect purse/bag/tote.  The quest goes on as long as it is the right color!

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