Monday, May 13, 2013

1 KAL 2KAL 3KAL More!

Over on the Ravelry Knitaway board, one of our Spring KALs has been Cheryl's Ivory Leaves jacket.  I've been tossing mine around for probably about a year out of stash yarn King Tut.  I love the jacket, but I also know that the cut is just not very nice fit for my body.  

The cool thing about knitting is you can change that, something we encourage over on the board.  Several knitters have already done that and so I am using a few of their ideas for mine.  First of all, I am lengthening mine quite a bit.  

It has a drop shoulder, another not so flattering look for me, so I'm going to make mine a bit of a set in sleeve.   I am almost to the point of splitting the fronts and backs which is going to be super fun to be.

I love this stitch pattern so much that while laying in bed last night, I have come up with a couple of ideas that I want to try out with it.  I had to keep myself from getting up and casting on last night to see what they would look like.

One of them that I have been tossing around the whole time I have been knitting on my jacket is a rectangular shawl.  I have to admit, more than once during the knitting of my jacket, I thought about turning it into a shawl instead of a jacket.  

I know it may seem like I am taking the whole leaves thing quite literally when it comes to the color, but isn't this Kidsilk Haze so cool and wouldn't it make a great little rectangular wrap?!

This is a WIP out of Kidsilk Haze that has been time out for a couple of years.  I think the pattern was Birch, which also has leaves on it.  I think that may be where my subconscious came up with the using this yarn for a rectangular shawl from it.

Yesterdays sky and trees may have had something to do with the sudden need to see where else Ivory Leaves could take me.

Just what I need is more inspiration!

And then one more idea, how about using Ivory Leaves on the bottom of a sweater and stockinette on the top?!  I have the perfect Ultra Pima for it.  I wonder if I can knit the pattern from the opposite direction if I do a top down pattern?

So many ideas from one KAL!

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