Sunday, May 19, 2013

Selfish Sunday - We Didn't Win the Lotto

It is beautiful here in Central Il today.  A nice cool breeze coming in and a hot cup of coffee in my hand and not a care in the world.  Well, actually, there are cares, but they are minor ones in the scope of the world.  And we did not win a bit on the lotto, so it means for now, I'll be working.

Yesterday at Knit 4 Together, it was a most pleasant morning to sit, knit and visit with the two Lindas, Sue and Nancy.  Out of that morning, I came away with a few things I want to change about my life.  Last night and this morning, the Tall Guy and I also had a couple of conversations that have paved the way for where we are going in the next four years.

I have a lot of yarn and a lot of projects and they seem to be overflowing everywhere in my house.

And it is so time to start cleaning my act up in several ways.  I know I have said it before, but I will say it again.  I have a lot of yarn and  a lot of projects in the works.  Linda at the shop said yesterday, if she had as many things going as I do, she would be frantic.  I was for a moment in time, last week, but I am over that bit of franticness.

But that does not mean that mean that I can continue to operate this way.  A couple of weeks ago, I started a new shawl and I worked a lot on just it.  I was amazed at how much in a week I accomplished on it it by just working on it.  Granted, I am now at the lace edging on it, which takes concentration and not just something you can pick up everywhere to work on.  For just a bit, though, I was an almost one project knitter and it felt good.

Today, I am going to take some time to clean my knitting area (aka as our living room) and get it to looking like a living room rather than an extension of Penny's yarn room.  I am going to pull out a few projects and that is going to be my concentration.

 An easy knit that can go to the shop with me or anywhere else where I don't need to concentrate to knit on and is for summer wearing

A t.v. off project that requires attention to the chart or directions

A KAL project that I have committed to

My Camp Contest project - I am not showing it here - mainly because I am waiting for my yarn to come

I already have a sock in my purse so that does not count

But that is it!  The rest are going to be bagged and tagged and put into a clean yarn room to be pulled out when one of the above projects is completed.

Amazing what just some little knitting table conversations can produce.  It makes for some great clarity.

Oh and the convo with the Tall Guy, I think we may have tentatively decided that at around the four year mark from now, we may retire.  In the meantime, the new house is off the plan, we will spend the next four years doing our own renovations to the inside (read that as upkeep that has needed to be done for sometime), no new additions for now.

And I came up with this one all on my own, I am cutting down on my yarn acquisitions.  NOTICE - I did not say stop buying!!

When a person has so many options as to what they want to knit, they have too many.  And I am going to start being frugal on who actually gets a piece of my paycheck.  I think I too am quite generous with my time and money (thanks Sue) and I do not need to subsidize everyone, and just because it is the latest craze, it does not mean I have to buy it.  if I want to retire in four years , I need to be thinking about all of that.  I need to be selfish.

I love Sundays (even though it is back to work for at least four MORE YEARS), it is so renewing.  I hope you are all having a renewing Sunday!

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