Saturday, May 04, 2013

From An Old Beatle's Song

"We're so easily led astrayyyyyy"

I've posted this before.  But, I am still not all in on my decision.  I bought Sea Pearl last year from Chris over at Briar Rose.

I knew I wanted it to be Vitamin D.  That was really before I went out and saw it on people.
I still have not taken it fully off of the needles, because I keep going back to Ravelry (gotta love that site), and seeing some modifications that people have been doing to it to lower that first ruffle and lengthen the body.

And yes, the Summer Sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple is still in contention, but I seem to have a couple variations of this same sweater in the works and just am not sure if I want to do another one.  Put that with the thought that I want something a little less plain for this great little yarn, I just can't seem to commit to casting on it.

Enter a pattern that kind of fell open this past week.  After reading a bit of it, I knew there would be no way that I would EVER have enough patience to knit from it and sew up.

Enter a thought that maybe I could re-produce this using my hand dandy Custom Knits book.  Oh yes, I cast on yet another sweater with my Sea Pearl.  I thought I could use one of the patterns and just add an insert in the front and do a "little" feather and fan for the hem treatment.

I would like to say I had something to show this morning on this, but I am still not sure I know what I am doing yet.  I spent a lot of hours last night and the wee morning (good thing it was Friday night) really trying what to do with this yarn.  It would have been really helpful if I had bought one more skein.  Then I could do whatever I wanted.  As it is I am limited to about 1500 yards.

Note to self, always always buy one more skein when you are not 100% sure of where you are going with the pattern.

It may be time to move on with this yarn, but like chocolate, it keeps calling me back, trying to find the perfect pattern for it that I can knit and still wear this year.  Oy, knitting should not be this hard!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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