Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Pottery Collection

Some people collect Polish Pottery.  Heck, I am not even sure I know what it is!  But, Susan B. Anderson's blog post yesterday, reminded me that I have a pottery collection going.  Mine is just a bit different then the average pottery collector.  I collect knitting pottery.

My very first piece was purchased some years ago in St. Charles IL at a knitting shop.  I tried my best to drink coffee out of, but the outside is a tad rough for that so it holds my pens and pencils next to my knitting chair.  And it about says it all when it comes to my knitting.

Over the last few years at Knit Camp, I have collected my all time fave pottery person, Jennie the Potter.  You can guess why?!  Not only does she do a great knitting mug that I have in three sizes, but she gets the color just right.  I used to have a special Knit Camp cup from last year, but alas it cracked, but I am still using my other ones for my daily coffee.

Jennie does a great knitting bowl to that of course fits the bill.  Right now it holds some buttons in the yarn room.

And to round out my collection, my local yarn shop, Knit 4 Together has been carrying some pottery as well.  The neat thing about these next two pieces is that they are crafted by one of the owner's brothers.

As luck would have it, I was in the shop today when the new yarn bowl came in.  I just love the face on it and it sits on feet.  One of the owners said that she uses hers for cheese and crackers sometime.  Would that make a cute little table display?

So it would seem I have a pottery collection and I didn't even realize it!

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