Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another 24 Hours

I have yet another stealth knitting project I have been working on that took me another 24 hours to complete.  It feels really nice to be done with those three things so I can get back to regularly scheduled knitting.  But, I think it may have to wait until Monday.  We are heading to Iowa tomorrow to see Mona Lisa and her parents and there will not be much knitting done, but once I am back the heavy knitting will begin again.  I am only taking one project with me and will concentrate on it when I can.

But in the meantime, I just have to show you what the mailman has been bringing me the past few days.  Special mention here though, they are all things I had ordered before I decided to cut back.

My hard copy of Botanical Knits came today.  I ordered it a few months ago along with the E Version of the book.  I am looking forward to knitting some things from it in the Fall.  For now, there are too many other things in the queue to knit first.

The first of this week, my new project bag came.  I could not resist this super cool fabric bag from Blue Tulips.  I like her bags best of all.  I have one other that has my Walpole in it.

And I love that she includes this cute little stitch marker with each order.  I have two now for my collection.  Aren't these just so neat?!

Today, came a very special yarn.  So special I cannot blog about it yet.  It is for my camp contest entry and I am not revealing it until after camp in July.  Suffice it to say, it is so darn cool and just what I was imagining when I ordered it.

For now, here is a pic of the two stitch markers that came with it.  That just about says it all.

Have a good, safe long weekend.  Blog at you on the flip side.

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Kristen said...

Very fun goodies in the mail! Have a good weekend.