Tuesday, May 21, 2013

24 Hours Later

Well, it would seem the weather has settled a bit down here and down in Oklahoma, thank goodness.  So good to hear friend and fellow knit camper Linda P is okay as well.  Whenever, the weather tosses about down that way I immediately think of her.

24 Hours later, I am knitting another heart block only this one for another project out of another yarn.  This one has less stitches.  You would think that I could knit two less stitches in my pattern, wouldn't you?!  Finally down to the bindoff and I am about 1/4" too long, so I am ripping it back past the bind off and one row and then it will get pinned down for some overnight blocking.

Then I will have one more to do.  8x8 blocks should not take 24 hours each to knit, should they?  I am a pretty competent knitter, but for some reason the forces are against on these simple little blocks.  Soon, very soon, it will be back to regularly scheduled knitting.

Hope you all are having a better weather night tonight, 24 hours later!

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