Friday, May 17, 2013

Books and A Picture

I have to say I am quite impressed with Barnes and Noble and their many knitting books they are now carrying in the store.  It has been a while since I have been to our local one and I was quite impressed.  They have always had a good representation of knitting books, but I think they have the most I have ever seen out there.

I really went out to do some shopping for Mona Lisa, but ended up with for Bella instead and some for me.  I wasn't really going to buy Amy Herzog's new book, since I bought her Craftsy class and had printed off her on-line blog about a couple of years ago.  But, after the Knit Girllls reviewed it, I decided to see if B and N had it.  Sure enough, on the top shelf, they had several copies so I had to get me one.

Yesterday, over on Susan B. Anderson's blog, she posted about B and N carrying it.  I kind of sort of knew that I wanted it since I saw the designs at the Pipeliner's Retreat a few weeks back, but I figured I might have to order it from Amazon.    It took me a bit to find it today, but I did and now I am the proud owner of it.  There are several designs that Mona Lisa is just going to have to have.  And I think maybe one for her first birthday coming up in July and maybe another for Christmas.

This book was not one that I bought today, but rather found a couple of weeks ago when I was doing my little filing thing.  I love this book and as I recall when I bought it years ago, it wasn't cheap.  The best part of the book is that it shows you all different ways and places to do quilts.  I particularly like the photos in the houses and outside the houses and it just makes me wish that I had a.) more time and b.) more money to do all of these lovely things I want to.    This is a great coffee table book, but most of all a nice book to just look and dream.

This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but last night as I was sitting in my chair and looking down the hall to Baby Boy B's room, his water glass just jumped out and begged to have a picture taken of it.  There was just something about the contrast of the darkness of the room with a little light shining over a glass of water with ice it.  Course, it goes with my flip flop collection of knick knacks.  It may be time to get the collection out for Summer.

This weekend is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous so I hope you all can get out and enjoy it a bit!

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