Sunday, May 05, 2013

Back In The Box Corny

When I was a kid there was a commercial for a cereal, maybe a cornflake type cereal, but I just remember the end of the commercial the little ditty, "Back in the box corny".  That is what is happening with Sea Pearl.  I think it is a sign of knitting maturity, when you come to the decision to let something go.  I am not letting Sea Pearl go permanently, just for right now.  I know the right pattern will come along (I hear Ann from Knitspot is maybe designing another little something in the future) and when it does, I'll pull mine out from it's pretty little bag and knit it.

In the spirit of putting things away, I spent a great Saturday yesterday getting some files in order.  The Tall Guy and I have been talking about getting a file cabinet that is larger than a two drawer one so I could start putting my tons of knitting patterns and pages into some semblance of organization.

It took pretty much a whole afternoon to transfer everything, but it feels so good to now be able to go and pull a file and have everything where I think it should be.  Now, I just have to remember to keep doing it rather than letting everything pile up.

Now, that I have put my Sea Pearl away for now and got my filing in order, it is time to spend some time on some KALs I have committed to and see what I can do with them!

Have a great Sunday, I hope the sun is shining where you are at and the leaves are becoming green!

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