Sunday, November 11, 2007

50th Birthday - Day 2

I love the people I work with. I have a great boss. And have made some really good friends there. Can you tell?

I went into work a little early on Friday, because you never know what to expect with them when someone has a major birthday. They do wheel chairs and walkers. But, I was spared. The day started off with major treats with coffee and just a shower of cards and gifts. With a 50th tiara and boa I wore periodically during the day.

We had a fantastic potluck at lunchtime and they sang happy birthday to me. The camaderie, for lack of a better word, just was amazing.

Then after work, I was "supposed" to meet two of my good friends for dinner. I was still stuffed from all the food at work, but I met them anyway. And those little turds, with the help of another very dear friend who worked really hard at setting it all up, through me a surprise birthday party down on the Riverfront at Kelleher's.

I was so surprised at how many of my co-workers showed up. I was overwhelmed again, at how many friends I have made at work. This party included beer and eats and balloons and more presents and cards.

One of our ex co-workers showed up and it was great to see her. She even has an outfit that I can use for the wedding! And many of the spouses of people I work with came to join the party. We had such a group.

The whole entire day was just simply amazing and a day that I will always remember.

Did I say how truly blessed I am? I am. And I am grateful.

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