Friday, November 23, 2007

Pushing The Limits

Today's blog post is about limits and pushing them. Yesterday, I pushed a couple of them. Eating too much (didn't ahere to a word the Weight Watcher Meeting told me), but, it was all good and today it is back to normal. The other limit I pushed yesterday, was how long the Tall Guy could hang around his family. We had not planned on staying much past 2 or 3, but I was having a good visit with my nieces and nephew, that I just did not want to leave. So, we ended up having dinner and then coming home. What an enjoyable day.

My mom is pushing the limit today. She is having furnace issues that have been on going. She called me no less than 7 times on Wednesday night about the furnace. At 9:30 pm, her furnace man came by (the guy never sleeps) and gave her what now is a temporary solution. Now, this morning the problem is back and I can see the start of a day of phone calls about the damn thing. She is pushing the limit on what is supposed to be MY WEEKEND! No wonder I have this annoying pain up my neck!

And the final pushing the limit for today (and it's a good one)-- the Pelerine. It is on tap for finishing today. I am on the last colorway (10 ridges to go) and then the icord up the front. I am not sure how many stitches I have on the 24 inch needle (I'll count them right before it is done), but it sure is alot. I keep having to push and shove the stitches around.

I am ready for this to be done, so I can wear it. Well, and yes, because then I can work on finishing another project. Next project to finish -- the Cobblestone.

Do you think I can do both this weekend? Limits.

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