Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unplanned Time Off

I felt a bit off Monday after I got up. I went to work. I was talking to a co-worker telling her how I could have used one more day off to the weekend and wishing I had. All of a sudden, 20 minutes after arriving at work, I decided, rather my gastro system decided I was getting an extra day off. Nothing major, just enough to keep me home for Monday and Tuesday.

So, I took advantage of the forced time off. Monday, in between running to the bathroom, I finished a couple of easy scarves. Yesterday, still feeling a bit off, I stayed home. Feeling good enough to knit, I finished the green tweed Adult Babies and Bears Sweater. I love it and will show pics later this week after I find some good buttons to go with it. I am not crazy about my buttonholes on it and I will need to do a little work on those. But, despite it all, it fits well, and although I like it, that is the last one I'll do for a while. I've made two so far this year.

After finishing the Babies and Bears, I picked up the Cobblestone and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. Then, it is back to some holiday knitting and the Taos Jacket. They are both on the last of my Focus on Five list I made last week!

Then it will be time for a new Focus on Five List.

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