Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's A Good Feeling

Both are finished. One is blocking, the other I'll block tomorrow. I tried both on and they fit reasonably well. Cobblestone on the left did not need even one of the extra balls I ordered to finish, but I am sure glad that I got the same dye lot. This was fun to make.

Cottage Creations Adult Babies and Bears Sweater from Cascade Tweed also. I do love this yarn, but now it is time to move away from it.

Today, it is back to the Taos Diagonal Jacket. It's interesting when you finish a couple of things. Now, I am wondering what I'll start next? The Mermaid jacket? Perhaps, and the Gansey needs attention too! And of course there is that holiday gift I still need to finish. But, that is the only one for now that has a time frame. I like this no pressure stuff.

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