Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stash Is Good

Eeek! I said, I am missing a color, there should be 7 and I only had 6. But, smart me, I remembered years ago when I bought my first Unspun Icelandic for the Dubbelmossa hat that there was a darker gray that I don't think I had ordered. Sure enough, and since I had not finished the Dubbelmossa yet and because it is the contrast color, I pulled it and used it my Pereline.

I love the way the Unspun Icelandic looks and feels on a number 9 needle. So fluffy! I am thinkin seriously about a sweater knit in the round on a size 9 needle.

Every time I go to Knit Camp, I come home with one sweater that I am so excited and I just have to do. This is it.

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