Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fini! Finally! Yea!

It's Done! And am I pleased. The baby is due any day now. Not exactly a great picture, because it is plain white with a little shine to it. Since, we did not know what sex the baby was, I went with white, which will coordinate well with Norma's beautiful afghan.
I found these cute buttons to go on it so it doesn't looked so plain.

Not exactly great pictures either, but that is what you get today. I feel like doing a little finishing today.

It will keep me from casting on yet another project, maybe.


Anonymous said...

The sweater turned out really cute. Now on to other things. Did you start the sweater from Knitters? I am looking through stash for yarn to make it. I did cave and order the Taos. Sure hope the sweater turns out as good as the pic. Happy Knitting Day (otherwise known as Thanksgiving) Linda

Penny said...

Linda - I have not started the one from Knitter's. I am still kicking that one around. I am now thinking seriously about doing the Circumnavigated Cardigan out of it. Oy! I can be so fickle!