Friday, August 06, 2010

Just Some Friday Ramblings

Yesterday, while at home being a tad under the weather or as I call it a flare up of the IBS, I knittedon and finished my Chickami with wide straps (my pics sometime later). You can buy the pattern from Bonne Marie over at The yarn I used is Terra and not exactly what the pattern called for and is a little flimsy. While knitting it, there were times that I wondered if when finished if it would truly fit.

Funny, I still doubt myself at times, even though I KNOW that if I take the gauge I am getting and the measurements that I want it to be that it will fit. So, I was pretty darn pleased last night when I tried it on and it fit. Now, it just needs to be blocked.

It goes with my Fantasy Linen Sweater that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I do want to knit the Chickami again only in a little more substantial yarn.

Anyway....while knitting yesterday, I started over listening to a local podcaster, Paula over at Knitting Pipeline. I made it through show 4 and it was a real treat. If you are into podcasts I encourage you to check hers out. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

I like having something in the background when I am knitting. Sometimes it is the t.v., sometimes a movie or as was the case yesterday a podcast. Try it, go ahead try it!

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