Saturday, August 07, 2010

There's Something About

Finishing a project. Now that the Chickami is finished, I have started a new project. Quel surprise! When I finish a project, I always start thinking about whats next. It's like carte blanche to begin anew. I'm on a roll, and when I go to Knit Four Together in Dunlap on Saturdays I like to knit on something mindless and something I have bought there.

But, I have also made a committment to myself to knit something I want to be knitting on and knitting on what yarns I already have. I really want to start another Chickami since the other one is fresh in my mind and in a yarn that is a little bit more substantial than my previous yarn.

Oh the dilemmas of a knitter! Then, I do have to keep in mind that the next project should be the last one I knit for summer, since for me it really is time to start knitting for fall and winter!

There is something about finishing that creates all kinds of problems!

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