Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stitches Midwest

We had a good day at Stitches. Walked our feet off, saw bunches of people from Knit Camp, touched bases with Jan and Pam, met Paula just as we were leaving, had milkshakes at the end of our day...used Greta to get to and from and decided that a day was just enough for both of us. Most of all did not go too over the top with buying, not that I didn't try, but having someone to talk me through some of it really helped. Thanks Linda!

From Great Yarns, a really cool vest that will be great for casual day.

From Miss Babs, a dyed 2 ply that is going to be one of those shoulder shawls for going over the turtlenecks I love wearing in the winter...and she gave me a stitch marker.

From Mass Ave, Mushishi, it's going to be some sort of top down sweater yet to be named. Can't wait to swatch this one and figure it out.

A small CEY book that had a nifty scarf in it, from Yarns by Design. The yarn to be knitted from is yet to be named....something from my stash.

And after a year of looking at the book and seeing a couple of them at Knit Camp knitted by Linda, I finally added the book to my collection.

Today, I am going to spend the day playing around with my new purchases, then tomorrow it is back to knitting on a couple of things that are on the deadline knitting list.

Thanks Linda for a great day, we missed the other Radicals, maybe next year!

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Paula said...

Isn't that funny that we got the same skein of yarn from Miss Babs? With all the color choices! I love brown and blue together. And the stitch marker that she pulled out for me...the beads even match!