Sunday, August 08, 2010

We're Going To Be In The Smithsonian

These pictures are courtesy of Jo's friend. After seeing some of these I must crochet something bigger than the one I gave Jo.

These aren't ours, but three of us in the Radical Knitters are going to be in the Smithsonian as part of the Coral Reef Project. Isn't that like way cool.

For info on this display that will ultimately go to the Smithsonian, please check out this website:

Now, you know where I got my idea for my 2nd place entry at Knit Camp. Actually, the only part of my entry that I came up with is the hyperbolics themselves. Putting them in the dish with the fabric on the back and the stickee fish on it was a collaborative effort of the Radicals and the Tall Guy. The sand came from Norma. And my little crab that I love was a gift from Martha at Camp.

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