Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be Careful What You Put In The Closet

 While rearranging the closets yesterday, I happened upon a couple of Lopi Books that I thought I remembered having just couldn't remember precisely what they were.  Franklin Habit put the notion in my head a couple of days ago on his post and pictures of his yoked sweater he is knitting.  I found the book I was looking for and another which had a sweater in it that I wanted to knit for me many years ago.

 I love this sweater.  It is actually shown on a man and is knitted out of Lopi yarn, but I have loved it for quite sometime.  The top part is done by combining two colors of Lopi to get the tweed effect.  I'm putting this back in my mind for a future sweater to knit.

I just so happen to NOT have any Lopi for it, but what is evident is that I do have multiple of colors of unspun icelandic from Schoolhouse Press that I think would do nicely for this sweater.  Now, let me be perfectly clear...I'm putting it on the list NOT  casting on anytime soon for it, mainly because there are way too many things in front of it.  But, it might be a nice winter project or a 6-8 week project should I have the need for one in the future.

 Something else that caught my eye in the big Lopi book was this scarf from multiple colors.  The scarf is done in seed with a cable going up the center.  What struck me is that with the seed stitch, you really cannot see where the colors blip when you change them.
Since I now can count on one hand the amount of twopers that I need to have done, I am doing a little something different on the last four.  Instead of plain old garter, I'm changing it up a bit with some textures and patterns.  And these Encore leftovers are the willing participants. 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Very soon, I'll be back to knitting for ME!!!!!

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