Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Have A Confession To Make

Sometimes, I fall asleep in my good ole recliner with my clothes on.  It happens mostly on the weekend after I stay up really late.  I shut off the light, telling myself I'll just snuggle a little in my electric throw for just awhile, just to get warm, then I'll head downstairs for my jammies and bed.  Next thing I know, there is traffic in front of me and the sounds and smells of the other two guys getting up.

Now, for me, it is not such a bad thing.  It happened this morning.  And since, my intention was to tackle the closets and get some summer tanks and clothes put away and some turtlenecks and long sleeves out, and with me already being dressed and not having to go out in public, I just brewed me some coffee and started in. 

One of the closets is in the yarn room which definitely needed a little attention as well, but that would have to come later.


After unearthing some clothes from in front of the shelves and finding candles that would come in handy and a knife set that neither I nor the Tall Guy knew we had, room was made in the yarn room closet for some books that I don't go to very often.

 I've been wanting to get a taller bookcase for in the yarn room to accomodate all of my knitting books, but we just haven't managed to get up to Oak Express to get one.  So I made do with re-arranging to the top shelf the ones that I go to most often (EZ, Schoolhouse Press) which just wasn't happenng here.

I have a ottoman that sits in direct line to the top shelf of the bookcase, which makes for a nice resting place to look for a book and peruse it for what I might be looking for.

As it happens, more and more books kept making their way to the yarn room closet shelves.  Of course along the way, I had to look some of them over again.  One can forget what great patterns some of them have.  Remember the Shetland Books, Radicals???  They still have some great sweaters in them!

I found something else that I actually forgot I had, but I'll tell about that in a later blog down the road.

 I pleased with the closet books, but unfortunately as soon as I get Baby Boy B to go through his closet, the shelves may not be as easy to get to, but I can deal with that.

 The books are now nicely put on the shelves how I want them.  Baby Books all together, Schoolhouse Press books together, Lace Books together with Shawls close at hand as well.  There is an order that I can find them when I want to and I am quite pleased with myself.

And in the end the yarn room looks a little better.  And I got a shower and into todays clothes.  I'm pleased with what I got done today.  There is more on tap for tomorrow.  I hope some of it involves knitting!

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Sue said...

Wow, you were a busy beaver!! I wish I had your energy!!!