Sunday, October 23, 2011

These Scarves Are Kind Of Fun

Although I am not getting any sweaters finished while knitting them, these scarves now are taking a life of their own.  I am having to do a little creative thinking with the yarns that I have. 

 I was unable to get another skein of the variegated yarn so with some help from my friend Debbie at the shop yesterday, we came up with a purple Brown Sheep.

Despite me not knowing how this would turn out, I really am quite happy with it.   There are more ends to deal with, but over all this is turning out to be a pretty neat combo.  I am alternating the sides that I start and stop the yarns every 3 sections so the joining rows really are blending in.

I am almost to the point in the scarves that I am looking for maybe some patterning to a few.  I pulled these odd ball Encores out of the yarn room.  I am giving thought to some of them going longwise.  Only problem with that is that the rows will be reallllllllllllllllly long.  Perhaps I'll only do ONE of those!


Linda said...

So are they for a charity or???

Penny said...

The scarves are for a Holiday party at work that I and two other friends are in charge of. My friend Norma knitted 16 of them and I have knitted 22. Only about 10 -12 to go. Thank goodness they are all garter.