Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Split

I'm pleased to say that my beloved Cardinals have now split the winning games with the Phillies.  It was tough, but they did.  I'm just not so pleased that they are going back to Philadelphia to finish it whichever way they go.  Win or lose, I wish it could have been at home.  Unfortunately, I won't know which way it goes until I get home on Friday since I'll be attending a friend's wedding that day.
 The other split came with my Long Collared Coat.  I promised myself that when I made it to the armhole where it has to split off from knitting back and forth, that I could go back to knitting on my Bloomsbury Jacket until I get to the split on it.  I'm trying really hard to work on those two things when not at the shop.
Unfortunately I really want to cast on something but.....I'm trying to be better.  Lets see how long it takes before I split from that way of thinking -

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Sue said...

Penny, they are both beautiful!! I am glad you found that pink yarn at Stitches!! Can't wait to see them finished!! Keep plugging away, you can do it!!