Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Didn't Go Overboard!

 I only bought one set of the 16" Knitter's Pride Interchangeable needles from Webs.  Mainly because since they are so new, and because frankly, as my mother would say, I'm needle poor. I bought them in a size 6 since I don't have the 16" fixed Knit Picks size. 

 The tips as you can see are a lot shorter than the Knit Picks tips.  The thought is that accomodates the 16" length a little better. 
The literature also indicates that other interchangeable needles may not necessarily work on the Knitter's Pride needles.  But of course I had to at least try them on.  I didn't try knitting with them, but I can imagine I might at sometime.  Of course, the longer tip will make the length of the cable and tip longer than 16".

My feelings at first glance/try?  I probably won't buy anymore of them.  I am not crazy about the cable.  Mine towards the screw part seem to have something on them, maybe glue.  The cable just doesn't have the feel that I am used to.

And most of all, lets face it.  I have a set of Addi-Cliks regular points, a set of Addi-Cliks lace, a set of harmony needles from Knit Picks and most of a set of the metal interchangeables from Knit Picks.  Along with a very large assortment of regular old circulars.

My needle buying days are over I do believe.

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