Monday, October 24, 2011

There Are A Couple of New Books Coming

I've pre-ordered mine from Schoolhouse Press.  You can too if you want.

 I've been waiting for Principles of Knitting since around 97.  In 1996, I attended my first Knit Camp.  At the time, I couldn't decide between the Reader's Digest Knitting Reference book and Principles of Knitting.  I chose the Reader's Digest version.  And have kicked myself ever since.

But come later this year, I will finally have it.  I can hardly wait.

I always love books from two of my favorite knitters and of course Schoolhouse Press.  It wouldn't matter if they published the history of paper, I'd buy it. 

I am not real comfortable with two color knitting.  Probably because as with all things, it I don't practice it enough.  But, with the possible release of this in December, it might be a nice thing to practice in the deep cold winter!

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