Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've Got Scarves Everywhere

This bag has about 30 of them in it.  The goal is to complete two a week until the 2nd Thursday in December.  At the moment, I am only one week behind.  With a little luck this weekend, I am hoping to catch up.

I've got several in varying states through out the house and car.  One would not want to be caught without knitting should one not be driving. The plan is that they be done by this Sunday.  Which means working on them at the shop on Saturday.  Scarves are nice to work on at the shop.  I can talk, knit, look at the yarn and accomplish a lot of knitting on them.  Best of all, they are yarns that have come from the shop, so at least it is their yarn I am knitting on.

 I'm waiting on a skein of the red to come in from Webs so I can finish this scarf.  It's coming USPS, so I am hoping that the postman will deliver tomorrow or Saturday.  The other yarn needs to go with me to the shop on Saturday.  Stupid me, thought I could remember all of the colors in it last week, but in actuality when I was at the shop, I wasn't 100% sure.  If it is the same one, it should be quick to knit up this weekend.
 This mohair scarf is in a drawer next to my knitting chair! It's one that when I just have a little time to knit on, then I reach in and pick it up and knit for a bit.

This Taos scarf is my car knitting project, normally.  I keep it in the back seat within hand reach.  If I get stopped in construction or train or long stop light, I reach back and pick it up and knit on it.  At the moment, it followed me into the house.  This could be finished easily in the next night.

By the time I get all of these blogged about finished, I'll have caught up to where I should be on Sunday.

Truthfully, I'll be glad when this little project is finished so I can solely knit on some sweaters.

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