Sunday, October 02, 2011

It's A Great Day For Fall Pictures

Alas, this lovely plant had to be sacrificed when my new window went in the basement bathroom.  Little by little, the Tall Guy and Baby Boy B are getting it done.  Basically, I leave plants alone outside and look how much this one has flourished...not any more bye, bye :(

What happened to this tree?  It is always so beautiful in the Fall for picture taking.  It seems to have just went to crumpled and crisped leaves.  No pretty yellow, green and red that we are used to.  Could this be those nasty Japanese beetles at work?

My Long Collared Coat in progress.  The sunshine made for some great pictures that really show the true colors of this yarn from Chris over at Briar Rose.  It is going to be great with blue jeans to throw on to go out to the shop on Saturdays and run around in.  Course, I think it will look good with black, navy and brown too, so it could be a great coat for in and out to work.  As long as there are no other jackets under it.

I was kind of wondering about the phoney seams on it, but sure am glad now that I started doing it.  The coat lays so nice with them added. 
There is a lot of garter on this until you get to the armhole split.  I still have a few inches to go.  I am so ready to not have these long rows of garter to do. 

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