Sunday, April 14, 2013

Designers Who Get Fit, Flatter and Fashion

You might tell by my favorites and my book collection, Designers that might get the whole knitting package that I am trying to emulate in my knitting. And then again, maybe not.  Sometimes, I'll buy a book or pattern (quelle surprise), because there is a sense that they might know something about this topic.  Then, I get it home and discover that the purchase was not really what I was looking for.  Don't misunderstand me, it is not that I don't admire and love the designer and their designs, it is just that I am too darn lazy to execute their plan.  

Yesterday, I went to the yarn room to just take a gander at the "fit" books I had in my library.  I was surprised on all of the ones that I had.  

Knitting the Perfect Fit - Melissa Leapman
Custom Knits - Wendy Benard
Sweater 101 - Cheryl Brunette
Mother-Daughter Knits - Sally Melville
Little Red in the City - Ysolda Teague

I will be adding Amy Herzog's book that I discussed yesterday on the blog and I have signed up for her Craftsy class too.  After that, I think the library is going to be complete at least for a while.  Frankly, after this line up of reference materials, if there isn't enough there, it just isn't ever going to happen.

Now, as a caution to readers, don't just go out and buy any or all of the above books on my say so.  Remember, as in patterns and yarn, I tend to be a collector!

I will tell you, though, one designer of patterns that I believe gets the fit, flatter and fashion in my mind is Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits.  You cannot go wrong with any of her patterns, she totally gets the shaping and there isn't a one of her patterns that I wouldn't knit.  Years ago, my first pattern I ever knit from her was Chickami.  I was so impressed with this knit when I was finished.  It fit just the way I wanted to.  Granted, the yarn was a bust and I totally dislike the look without a jacket or sweater,  but under a sweater no one really sees those imperfections.  I was sold right after I finished this one that I have been a fan of Bonne Marie that moment on.

Check her blog  and her pattern site out, you will see what I mean!

Do you have any favorites out there in the designing field that you believe gets the whole fit, flatter and fashion thing?  I'd love for you to share them with me.

Tomorrow - Knitters I Stalk that get the fit, flatter and fashion thingy.

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