Thursday, April 11, 2013

On My Way To Find A Pattern

You know what it is like, don't you?!  I'm just going to login into Ravelry and do a quick search for the perfect pattern for a new yarn that a friend bought for you while she was in California.

Shouldn't be too hard should it?  Search for the yarn and surely there must be a pattern for a little shawlette that you just love and want to like cast on immediately, right?!

Who would know that the yarn was so, well, lace weight and how difficult it would be to find one that you have enough yarn to knit it up in.  It is kind of like Goldilocks, I am still searching for the one that is just right.  I'm thinking half pi and fairly simple lace pattern through out.  Hmmm, maybe like Henny Penny, I'll do it myself.

So, in the mean time, I happened upon another ebook to buy over on Ravelry.  I have some great sock yarns and I think that all three from this designer would be great knitted out of them.  The little shawlette may well be my new in the purse project instead of the socks I have had in there that are getting almost no knit time on them.

I've been a fan of Hitchhiker forever so it may well be time to knit it, but I am kind of liking Trillian right now too!

No, I have not found the right pattern for my Freia, but hey, one will pop up or I'll just fondle it a bit.  Or if one of my readers knows of one, send me a comment.  You know I am always open to your guidance.

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