Saturday, April 20, 2013


My week of vacation is coming to a close, but I am so energized.  I realize that soon enough, I'll be back at work and probably within an hour after I am there, something/one will tick me off, but I am ready to handle it, because of this past week.

It is hard to describe everything that I did and didn't do this week.  It started out fantastically, spending time with Baby Boy A and Mona Lisa.  She is growing up and doing all sorts of things, which made me so sad when she had to leave, making me want to retire so much more.  But, realistically, over this past week, I have had that thought more than once and I know that it cannot happen anytime soon.

A couple of things on my list did not get done.  I was going to do some research on alternative healthy eating plans and recipes for gluten free and wheat free meals that I could make for lunch and start my exercise plan this past week along with getting more normal hours of sleep, but none of that happened. I figure, my partners in crime at work can help me on getting back on the walking thing at lunch next week, and Sunday always a good day for starting over on the healthy eating.

I did get a sweater blocked but the buttons still are not on it.  I am still hopeful to have that done before the weekend is over.

What I really surprised me is how much green was in the water from the sweater that was knit with Sublime.  I've knit quite a few things out it for Mona Lisa and NEVER had color in the water.

The wicked weather returned earlier this week and the banks of everything seems to be flowing over.
Yes, we had a bit of water in the basement, but we were not alone with the water, and at least, it wasn't coming out of the pipes.

  I think the worst is hearing that one of our local yarn shops, The Fiber Universe is going to be under water by tomorrow.  They  moved their stuff out yesterday, but what I am hearing is that it may be a couple of months before they are back in place.  Dang weather!

I did do a lot of shopping this week, yarn and otherwise.  I really needed to get some new fresh tanks for all of the spring/summer sweaters I plan to be knitting this season, a new pair of jean shoes,

 spring jammies, and looking ahead to Meg's Knit Camp, where the a/c is always on, I picked up a few of my fave 3/4 sleeve tops.  Because, you know, come July, you won't be able to find a one anywhere!

I spent a bit of time in my closet, getting it organized and figuring out what tanks are going with what and which ones to keep from my shopping trip.  Some yarns needed to go downstairs to sit next to tanks to see if I had just the right one to go with.

I made a side trip over to Bloomington and on the way back hit Ewe-nique Yarns in Morton.  I spent a lot of time this week doing some research online at Ravelry and yarn companies really trying to figure out what I wanted to be knitting on for the spring/summer season.  I'm saving those revelations for Starting Over Sunday.

I spent two 1/2 days at Knit Four Together, my go-to-local yarn shop knitting with friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  It was so peaceful sitting with the yarn, knitting and just having a great visit.  A gal could so get used to it.

But, alas to pay for everything including my new purse, I gotta work for awhile.  It has been such a great week, it is hard to describe.

I feel so relaxed and renewed and I think I maybe am ready to go back to work.  It doesn't hurt that the sun is finally shining today and there are very tiny buds forming out on the trees!

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Nancy said...

Great purchases! You do sound so much more relaxed and Happy!