Saturday, April 06, 2013

Feeling Groovy

I think it may well be truly Spring.  It is a little overcast and very windy in Central IL today and there is rain coming for the rest of the weekend, but I am feeling quite groovy today.

It has been a great couple of days!  Thursday was back with the regular scheduled knit night.  And today was a great day and the Knit Four Together today.  I got to see knitting buddies that I have not seen for awhile, got some great advice and surprise of all surprise I bought yarn.  Not the one skein that I was going for an Interweave Knits shawl I have had my eyes on since the Spring edition came out, but a couple of yarns that have been out there.

Something that really made me feel good today is how one of the owner's thanked me for supporting the local shop.  She was so heartfelt in her appreciation that it just made me feel really good inside.

So what came home with me today and what are they going to be?

A skein of Noro sock yarn.  The shop has a couple of LaLa's Simple Shawl on display out of different colorways of this yarn.  Last week, they posted on Facebook pictures of the two shawls and one of the ladies I tried to teach to knit some years back, posted how much she likes them.  She is a bubbly lady and has been the recipient of a couple of scarves and a pair of socks that I have knitted for her.  I thought this would be great fun to surprise her with this shawl.

I have started it this afternoon, but I am still noodlin about maybe using Elizabeth Zimmermann's 3-Cornered Shawls and changing it up a bit.  They are a little similar but not really.  LaLa's uses stockinette and no knit togethers and EZ uses all garter and a combo of YO and decreases to achieve the triangle.  I may be able to combine both of them and do my own thing with it.

For a couple of Spring seasons now, I have been trying to find  a casual top to knit on for fun.  I happened upon this one through the Cascade Yarn website when I was looking for patterns for a couple of Ultra Pima Cottons that I bought last year.  I really like the tweedy look of this pattern, and just did not want to use the Ultra Pima for it. 

As I was sitting around the table at the shop today, I looked down and saw the perfect color of Sierra Quatro which is the yarn the actual pattern is knitted from.  But of course it is the perfect color of Caribe Blue so I had to snatch it up.  

I am so excited about the direction my Spring knitting is going.  It is so funny how the difference of a couple of days can make and just being surrounded with fun people who enjoy the same things I do and get it!

Next post - sometimes you have to fish or cut bait in knitting!

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