Sunday, April 07, 2013

Give Me Your Opinion PLEASE

Some call it decision paralysis, some call it following the herd, some call it jumping on the bandwagon, me I just can't make up mind which way to go on a yarn that I want to knit desperately.

The yarn is Sea Pearl from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers . I have had around 1400 yards for almost a year and all along I thought it wanted to be Heidi Kirrmaier's Vitamin D . Fellow knitter Susan Rainey was knitting on it last year out of Madelinetosh and I loved it then, but it was in my queue even before that.

See, that is the way I am.  I see a pattern I want to knit, I fall in love, I research it on Ravelry seeing how it looks on everybody, check out what yarns they are using and then go from there.  Sometimes, I see it on someone and I know right from the get go that this is just not for me and the thought is easily discarded.

With Vitamin D, I am having a hard time.  I know from the research that I am going to have to lengthen the body and hopefully the fronts fall differently with the picture.  With a little pooch of a belly, I like my sweaters to at least meet in the front. I am hoping, again that by knitting at a slightly larger gauge that it will meet more than what I am seeing.  Also, from the comments on projects, I am seeing that the sleeves are a must to be larger as there is no way the current measurements will fit my pelican arms.

I've cast on Vitamin D twice now.  The current one is not being ripped out until I am 100% that it isn't a go.  But, like a bride-to-be, I am having reservations.  Frankly, I need a healthy dose of reality and OPO (other people's opinions).

Shall I chuck the Vitamin D and go with this?

Or do you have other suggestions?  I am open.


Nancy said...

Frog Vitamin won't be happy because it will enhance those areas you want toned down. The suggested pattern could be really nice for summer.

Linda said...

I agree with Nancy. I want to knit Vit D too, but will have to tweak the upper arms because as written they're skinny and look like they bind in the armpit - UGH!

Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

I am not a big fan of the drape-y fronts like in Vitamin D. I like your second choice a lot. So this is the second vote for your second choice.