Friday, April 26, 2013

It Was A Good Start

The first day of the Knitting Pipeline Retreat was great.  Even though, I had to work until 4, I got some knitting done, but as usual not as much as I thought I would.  So, for tomorrow, I am re-thinking taking my big bag and three knitting projects.

My Knit Swirl can stay home and I think I'll take a couple of smaller projects with me.

It was so great to see garments on knitters.  A lot of them were already in my queue, but tonight really made some of them solid and for a couple of them brought them back to the top.

Top contenders tonight include:
Effortless out of Knit Picks Tonal - the sweater I saw tonight really flowed well and I liked the way it draped

Stormy Mountain - the back of that sweater looked so nice!  Very attractive from the front and back and appears to be somewhat like the Vitamin D, but way more attractive of a fit

Bloody Mary - gorgeous and even without buttons it was a nice sweater that I definitely want to look at again, out of Berroco Vintage I believe

Vitamin D - this one really made me tell myself, it must be longer and the front drape lower, make it happen or don't do it

Interesting tidbits from tonight:

Susan B. Anderson is a participant - she is just like you and me!

The Fat Squirrel Speaks - just like she is on her video cast

Met Jonel, saw a smocking friend from about 30 years ago, Peggy, and met up with Pat again this year

Dinner was great and they had options for us wheat free/gluten free want to be!

Got a cool tote bag again this year with two skeins of Finch in it!  How cool is that?!

I'm excited for tomorrow, the vendors will be all set up along with some small shops.  See you on the flip side.

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