Monday, December 07, 2015

A Days Worth of Work

At the end of the day, I am ready to separate for the heel on Poppy's stocking.  I spent almost all of Sunday, glued to my chair, watching Hallmark movies and knitting on his stocking.  Every once in a while I would fist pump myself and talk out loud about how darn cute it is!!

You will remember a couple of days this is what it looked like!

It took a bit of plotting out on the name band to get it just right, but thankfully, I bought this book of graph paper from Fringe last Summer, so I had plenty to plot it out on.

The most time consuming part was trying to figure out what motifs to use.  I had all my resources out  trying to figure out what should be a part of the stocking.

Tonight, when I get home from work, I'll tackle the heel and then onto the foot motifs.  I'd love to have this one off of my Christmas Knitting List by the end of the week. This is the major one that needs to be done before the 18th.

Stay tuned for Christmas knitting updates later this week.  How is your gift knitting going?

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