Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Year of My Blessings - Part 2 - Family

You all know what my pride and joy is don't you?!

This October, Poppy was born.  He is adorable and we love him.  Once again, I was able to go over and meet him just within hours of his birth.

And because I have such a great job and understanding boss, I was able to stay a few days and spend it with Mona Lisa.  She turned 3 last July and ok, even if I am the GRANDMa (her new title for me),  she is a pretty special kid.  Smart, independent and she has us wrapped around her fingers.

Even though, Mom and Dad try to ground me when it comes to giving into her.  They are pretty good parents if I do say so myself.

Baby Boy B.  He is a peach of an uncle and really needs to find a girl and have some kids.  He would make a great father.  I hear he is pretty good to have as a friend as well.

And then the Tall Guy.  Next year, in August, we will be married 40 years.  How did this happen?

I am so truly blessed that we have a happy, healthy family and I wish that for everyone in the new year!

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