Saturday, December 05, 2015

Procrastination Is Making Me Wait

Anticipation is keeping me waiting…remember that line from a Carly Simon song?  That is what tune I heard as I typed the title for today's blog.

Despite there is less than three weeks until I have to have two of my scarves done and I not quite half way done with this first one.

And despite that I need to have this stocking done in less than two weeks.

And seriously, despite the fact that the jeans are getting  a bit too tight, I comforted myself with some of these tonight.

Telling myself that tomorrow is a new week and I will get back on track with watching what I eat between the holiday events that are happening at least once a week and that I WILL spend the whole day tomorrow (in between laundry) working on Poppy's stocking and I WILL get back on the treadmill tomorrow.

How often do all of us say that to ourselves, tomorrow?   Well dear readers, tomorrow is already here so lets put the bag of M and Ms somewhere else besides next to the knitting chair, like upstairs or downstairs, so you have to at least physically get up and walk somewhere to get them.  Lets put our knitting in our hands instead of food and get busy so you can start knitting for yourself really soon!

I feel so much better after this little talk with myself.

On tomorrow's blog, what I learned this week about yarn and knitting and books from a bunch of different places.  Talk at you then!

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