Sunday, December 06, 2015

Interesting Stuff Found This Last Week

In Knitcircus' Podcast #67, I learned that I may be a process knitter.  And I don't need to apologize for it.  Process knitters like to cast on, and even though we may get a wild idea to design something, we realize that there are so many great designs out there that we really don't need to design anything new, we just need to knit the wonderful designs that others have done, and tweak them to fit us if that is what we want.

In Woolful's Interview with Pam Allen, I learned that one of  Pam's influences was  Elizabeth Zimmerman as well.  This interview was so enlightening to listen to.  Pam reminded me of a time before there was the internet when we as knitters were so dependent on magazines and books and libraries for our patterns.  How easy we have it now?!  I really enjoyed listening to this interview and I think readers would too.

From the Gauge Class over on Craftsy, , Sarah Peasley had some great tips that were re-enforced for me while watching the class last weekend. I picked up the class at 1/2 price over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  

Over at , Danie followed up a discussion on  podcast # 80 of Prairie Girls Knit and Spin with a video on how to wear three different shawls.  I especially liked her way of wearing a triangle scarf as I do have a couple of those in my knitting chest, which I wear in the same old way to keep the back warm.

And if you do not check in with Tech Knitter every once in a while you should.  Periodically she takes a bit of a vacation from posting, but the last few posts are very much something you should read about when it comes to picking up stitches. 

BTW, how is the Christmas knitting going?  Tomorrow, I'll show you my progress.

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