Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Year of My Blessings - Not Really Final

I have so many more categories of blessings, a job, a house that I love, health…but this is a blog about knitting (somewhat) so we'll get back to that tomorrow, but for today, the day before New Years Eve, I am going to tell you about my many blessings, my friends.  I am wealthy in the friend department!

I have childhood friends that I went to school with, that unfortunately, I only get to connect with through Facebook.

I have my many friends through work (you know those who are younger than me who like me have to still work) who keep me young cause I hang out with them.

My Winter traveling partners, back when I was 20lbs lighter - then

And now, we've been through a bit of life together.

My Summer Knit Camp Roomie and fellow "solve the knitting problems and other problems of the world".

The Radicals, although we are quite few in numbers now, but still always in my heart.  And although, I don't have a recent picture of us, this one sums it up pretty well.

And the Knit Wits.  These are the sisters I never had, the daughters I always wanted and the best friends one could ever have.

And so to quote from my fave Christmas movie from a song that Bing sings "when I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep".  I am so blessed, so very blessed..

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