Thursday, December 24, 2015


Work is done for this year and it is time to sit back and enjoy.  I have a lot of knitting I want to do while off and lets face it, I want just a calm 11 days.  I want late nights catching up on my podcasts, late mornings sleeping in and no thinking of work and all the many things that will be happening in the new year.  Ahhhh!

We are having a small little gathering tonight with a light soup and fudge.  Then, after everyone leaves, I am breaking out the wine, will sit with a simple little knitting project, with just the Christmas tree lights on, and I'll watch one or two of my fave Christmas movies I recorded (White Christmas, Scrooge or Miracle on 34th Street).  The Tall Guy will be fast asleep so I'll have a nice quiet house with me and my favorite things.  Ahhhh!

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in, since we are not getting together to celebrate with the Tall Guy's family until the evening and since we celebrated with Baby Boy A and his family last weekend.  It will be a quiet day and I can rest up.  After we celebrate tomorrow night, I'll come home and have a repeat of tonight, watching one of the movies I didn't get to tonight.  Ahhhh!

It's going to be great and I am already looking forward to it all.  Merry Christmas Eve to All!

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