Monday, November 07, 2016

Audio Podcasts I Listen To

Always in my car, I listen to knitting podcasts.  It has been forever since I actually listened to the radio. I'm not sure I even know what the cool songs are anymore!

I access all of the podcasts I listen to through an apron my iPhone that simply says podcasts.  I subscribe to the individual podcasts through the link for each through the app.  That way, when one of the podcasters upload a new one, it appears in my app.

Here are the ones I subscribe to, you may want to check them out.

NH Knits - Love the chickens
Knitting Boutique - it is just like sitting with them in the shop
Knitting Butterflies - in addition to the knitting, Emily has great photography tips
Curious Handmade - a fan of her shawls
Knitmoregirls - a multi-generational podcast with lots of info
The Yarniacs - they are always bringing sweaters to my attention that I want to stalk
Yarn Thing with Marly - get to hear interviews from people in the industry
Prairie Girls - Delightful young ladies and hey they are in states close by Illinois
2 Knit Lit Chicks - mother/daughter team and have led me to try new book genres
Woolful - pleasant voice and interviews which just make you want to start a business
Twin Set Designs - Twin sisters who knit and I think we may be in the same age bracket
Knit Circus - of the famed gradient yarns and Amy Detjen
Knitting Pipeline - A Central IL and close by native and actually met Elizabeth Zimmermann

Ones I don't currently subscribe to but will maybe in the future or occasionally I'll tune into:

Cultivate and Create
Knit British
Down Cellar Studio
Actually Knitting
Knit Actually

Do you listen any that I should be?

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