Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me and the Marine Corps!

As a kid I loved that my birthday was on the 10th of November because the next day was the 11th which is Veteran's Day and that meant I had the day off after my birthday from school.  It gave me a whole day to play with my birthday presents.  

When I worked on the floor for a department  store, one of the perks was that we got our birthday off with pay.  Back then, I probably slept in and enjoyed the day.

Today, I took the day off to get some errands ran, go to a final doc appointment and go to Hospice and be able to stay the whole time without having to rush out and go back to work.  What a way to start a birthday!  How much better can a birthday be celebrated than with your Hospice Sisters?  Knitting, laughing, tears, coffee, donuts!

And presents  -  The bestest presents are yarn!  And I received so many cool yarns.  I cannot wait to kick back this weekend and plan.

I am so truly blessed in my friends.  These ladies, I just cannot tell you how much I treasure their friendships and how much they continue to change my life and enrich it.  They make birthdays special, knitting fun and give so much meaning to friendship.

What a great 59th birthday today was!!

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