Monday, November 28, 2016

This Is My Life

Happy Monday!

I'm recuperating, but this one foot thing is for the birds!  The Tall Guy went back to work today for a half day as I have a doc appointment this afternoon.  My walker is my friend, although, I am using it more as a hopping aid right now.  It just seems more stable for me to get around with right now.  It's a bit hard on the hands, which is somewhat limiting my knitting for now, so I am just managing a few rows on the Honey Cowl for Baby Boy B's girlfriend for Christmas.

Thank goodness for my bucket bag from Knit Camp in 2015.  It is perfect to put over the body, with my phone in it when I have to get up and fend for myself or hit the bathroom.

We had a very low keyed Thanksgiving.  My niece from up North came over for a morning coffee.  We had just a most lovely time, talking, drinking coffee and watching a bit of the parade.  She brought flowers from the Tall Guy's family and Starbucks.  The cool thing, is the guy ahead of her paid for them.  How cool is that?!

The Tall Guy and I had hot dogs on the grill for dinner ala This Is Us Thanksgiving.  Baby Boy B and his girlfriend came over for a visit Thanksgiving night.  It was a quiet Thanksgiving, just hanging out.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll check in later this week when I can.  Thank goodness for computers, netflix, Hallmark and You Tube!!

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